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    Homeopathic Services and complementary treatment

    A place to address all health issues through safe and gentle homeopathic treatment. 

    The clinic offers treatments for various acute illness: 


    v  Common colds and coughs 

    v  Viral flus 

    v  Stomach infections 

    v  Skin infections 

    v  Aches and pains : joints , back and neck. 

    v  Allergies and Sinus acute inflammations 

    v  Acute Tonsillitis and Adenoid flare up 

    Additional Treatment Offered :-

    • v     Classical Homeopathy
    • v      Acute and Chronic (Constitutional) Treatment
    • v      Nutritional Analysis and dietary planning for wholesome health 
    • v       Pilates and exercises on one on one strengthening and toning 
    • v       Wellness programs for all constitutional cases