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    Have been asked so many times about the balanced diet I advice in my practice of homoeopathy. A diet which infuses energy and improves the immunity and helps one increase resistance against disease. A diet to prevents constipation and keeps IBS in control. A healthy body helps one recover really fast from illness/ surgery. I have been a follower of a particular simple diet plan. Writing down what one eats and measuring the portions is my first advice. Sharing this for my homeopathy students / fans / followers of a good diet plan for healthy living and wellness. 1.. I start the day with a glass of lemon juice with honey instead of sugar. (At times I would advise a methi seeds infused water kept overnight to patients with acid reflux) . A good cleanse and detox helps kickstart the mornings. 2. A good workout of Pilates/ cardio followed by an ABC juice. 3. Breakfast : very Indian. Nothing packaged. Upma/poha/ idlis / dosa 4. A mid morning snack of fibre rich fruits at 11 am. Papaya /guava / a seasonal fruit. 5. Lunch with brown rice and dal and sabji with a sprout salad and a cup of curd( pro biotic and non sweetened ) 6. A mid evening snack of fistful of nuts ( a fig/ date , almonds , walnuts , pistachios ) with a warm green tea ( chamomile to gear up for the evening) at 4 pm 7. A late evening bowl of salad with olives and flax seeds at 7 pm 8. Dinner by 8. Again a round of veggies (greens) and chappati with a glass of buttermilk. 9. A glass of milk with no sugar at bed time. Important tip: I always eat fruits bought from the local growers. Keep the walnuts and powdered flax seeds in the fridge to prevent them from becoming rancid. Try setting curd at home and prepare buttermilk using this organic dahi. Drink enough water through the day and chew into an apple when hungry !! 😊😊
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