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    A simple dietary additive plan for women. Helps in boosting the feel- good chemicals during PMS and to reduce peri and post menopausal symptoms. Symptoms troubling women during PMS are: fatigue, irritability, aches and pains, lethargy, mood swings and sleep disturbances. Along with specific constitutional remedy and a heart to heart talk session, routines of stretches and slow yet strong pace of workout is what I advice. The changes in diet and lifestyle at least ten days ahead of the expected cycle works like magic. The skeleton of additives is: Eating an extra portion of papaya helps in regulating the cycle and helps prevent cramps in PMS. Try a raw papaya sabji for variety. Half a cup of pomegranate juice gives much needed antioxidants. (Eating the fruit is equally beneficial ) Early morning and evening detox with a glass of soaked methi sprouts water Load up with potassium. To relieve bloating and body aches. Bananas, figs , leafy veggies and tender coconut water. Freshly squeezed undiluted grape juice helps in preventing migraines in PMS phase Sesame seeds ( til laddoo/ chickee) and flaxseeds help woth their fibre rich and omega 3 properties. A little amount of Soya helps. Add soya flour in the atta or eat the soya nuggets or drink a cup of soya milk Avoid rich foods and processed foods. Stay off sugar as much as possible. Keep caffeine to the minimum. Mostly important : take it easy. Ask for help. Go for nature walks and listen to music. Meditate . Breathe. Relax.
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